Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas Wish List

Just a few favorites I'm coveting that are on my wish list :)

What's on your wish list this year?

Lilly Pulitzer Resort

I LOVE Lilly Pulitzer. The colors! The prints! The clothes just make me happy :) I am constantly perusing their website, such eye candy! Which brings me to the point of my rant - the Resort Catalogue just launched, and I want everything! I want to plan a Christmas Caribbean getaway just to have an excuse to buy something. 
(St. Lucia, anyone?)

Here are some of my favorites!!

Love the peach/mint combo, can't go wrong with a caftan! Beach to dinner!

Love the seashell print and it has a gorgeous back

Love the palm leaves and pink detail

The ever popular Elsa in a new, bright print!

Love the pink tassels!

My fav palazzo pants in a fun pinky retro print :)

A cute, easy, throw-on-and-go dress!

What are your tried-and-true Lilly favorites?

Sunday, November 15, 2015


The Whatley family went from 2 to 3!! We got a puppy! He's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and his name is Aspen :)

The hubs and I have been talking back and forth for months about getting a dog...what kind, when would be the best time, male or female. We saw an ad in the paper for Martinshore Cavaliers in Clemson, SC and pulled up their website to check out the puppies. Aspen immediately called to us! We talked seriously about getting him, but went back and forth; were we ready? Can we afford it now? We called and emailed the breeders, asking all kinds of questions.

Well, I couldn't take the back and forth. I told my husband we  you need to make a decision. So, he made a decision...he decided we needed to wait and that "one day" we would get a puppy. I was so sad!! I sulked the whole next day. Friday, I come home from work and my husband calls to me from the bedroom, so I walk back there and THERE'S A PUPPY ON THE BED!!! He completely fooled me and surprised me and had skipped class that morning to go and pick him up! Oh, how he has stolen our hearts! So, be prepared for lots of puppy posts! He is super cuddly and loving, enjoys running outside and playing with leaves, and loves belly rubs :) 

Isn't he precious??

Monday, November 9, 2015


Something I never thought I would do... go backpacking! I enjoy a good day hike, but camping isn't really my thing, so the idea of backpacking was never on my radar. Well, when you get married, you realize there is give and take and doing things the other enjoys even though it may not be what you would choose to do. So, on a gorgeous weekend this past October, the hubs and I traveled to Tennessee to hike along the Appalachian trail! 

We parked the car at Harbour Mountain B&B in Roan Mountain, Tennessee and then they shuttled us to the start of our hike at Carvers Gap. Beautiful terrain everywhere! We hiked 9 miles before we decided to stop for the night and set up camp then had 6 more to go the next day. It wasn't a very restful night. It was so windy and we were cramped in a one man tent. But the hiking part was so fun! I was exhausted and hurting by the end of the second day, vowing to never do it again, but I really did enjoy it. You can't see views like this from the road! 

Still smiling 3 miles in!

White blazes marking the Appalachian Trail

Gorgeous view for the evening

Backpacking stove used to heat water which when then poured into our  freeze-dried supper!

There is nothing like watching the sun set from on top of a mountain!

Fall colors in full force!

What are some of your favorite places to hike/camp/backpack?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Apple Picking

One tradition the hubs and I started this year is going apple picking!! I have been wanting to do this FOREVER. And I've been wanting to try these infamous apple cider doughnuts... 

We drove up to Hendersonville, NC and went to Skytop Orchard a few weekends ago. It was quite chilly, but that made it feel a lot like fall! We had to walk to the far end of the orchards to find trees that still had apples one them, a lot had been picked through! I had tons of visions of apple pies going through my head and applesauce, spiced apples, apple bundt cake with a brown sugar glaze.... ok so I've been scouring Southern Living for apple recipes. And I want to try them all! 

Once we finished picking our apples, we stood in the longest line ever for the ever popular apple cider doughnuts, and we were not disappointed!!! Hot, melting in your mouth, sugary sweetness with a hint of tang from the apple cider. There is a reason why these guys are so popular! 

So we checked that one off of the fall to-do list! And we will definitely be back next year!

Where are some other great places to go apple picking?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Inspiration

Luke 18:27 

Always good to have a reminder.  Where we are weak, He is strong.