Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Ahhh… the weather is finally getting cooler. And by cooler I mean 70’s. Fall is my favorite season! I love it when the air gets crisp and I can pull out my cozy sweaters and riding boots. I trade in my vanilla iced coffee for a PSL and the Yankee candles are lit filling our home with warm fall scents. Not to mention the excitement in the air with football games and Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in the near future!

One thing I can’t get enough of when the air turns colder is a mug of hot chocolate. Mmmmm… who doesn’t love Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa with the mini marshmallows! While the packets of hot chocolate don’t necessary break the bank, I love it when I can recreate my own homemade mix for pennies and I know exactly what goes in it. Courtesy of Martha Stewart by way of Pinterest, I was able to do just that. Three ingredients and 10 minutes later I had three mason jars of hot chocolate mix just in time for fall and winter!

  (I made a funnel from a piece of computer paper to make it easier to transfer the mix from the bowl to the jars). I know, I thought I was clever, too :)

And if you want to make some to give as a gift, here are some cute printable chalkboard labels from Mom 4 Real. She has her own version of the recipe that contains powdered milk and powdered sugar if you want to go that route instead.


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