Sunday, November 15, 2015


The Whatley family went from 2 to 3!! We got a puppy! He's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and his name is Aspen :)

The hubs and I have been talking back and forth for months about getting a dog...what kind, when would be the best time, male or female. We saw an ad in the paper for Martinshore Cavaliers in Clemson, SC and pulled up their website to check out the puppies. Aspen immediately called to us! We talked seriously about getting him, but went back and forth; were we ready? Can we afford it now? We called and emailed the breeders, asking all kinds of questions.

Well, I couldn't take the back and forth. I told my husband we  you need to make a decision. So, he made a decision...he decided we needed to wait and that "one day" we would get a puppy. I was so sad!! I sulked the whole next day. Friday, I come home from work and my husband calls to me from the bedroom, so I walk back there and THERE'S A PUPPY ON THE BED!!! He completely fooled me and surprised me and had skipped class that morning to go and pick him up! Oh, how he has stolen our hearts! So, be prepared for lots of puppy posts! He is super cuddly and loving, enjoys running outside and playing with leaves, and loves belly rubs :) 

Isn't he precious??

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