Monday, November 9, 2015


Something I never thought I would do... go backpacking! I enjoy a good day hike, but camping isn't really my thing, so the idea of backpacking was never on my radar. Well, when you get married, you realize there is give and take and doing things the other enjoys even though it may not be what you would choose to do. So, on a gorgeous weekend this past October, the hubs and I traveled to Tennessee to hike along the Appalachian trail! 

We parked the car at Harbour Mountain B&B in Roan Mountain, Tennessee and then they shuttled us to the start of our hike at Carvers Gap. Beautiful terrain everywhere! We hiked 9 miles before we decided to stop for the night and set up camp then had 6 more to go the next day. It wasn't a very restful night. It was so windy and we were cramped in a one man tent. But the hiking part was so fun! I was exhausted and hurting by the end of the second day, vowing to never do it again, but I really did enjoy it. You can't see views like this from the road! 

Still smiling 3 miles in!

White blazes marking the Appalachian Trail

Gorgeous view for the evening

Backpacking stove used to heat water which when then poured into our  freeze-dried supper!

There is nothing like watching the sun set from on top of a mountain!

Fall colors in full force!

What are some of your favorite places to hike/camp/backpack?

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