Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Converse Sneakers

Converse sneakers have been around forever. We all know them. And I never thought I would own a pair, they just aren't my "style". However, these 'Shoreline' slip-on versions in white are so cute and have a fun, preppy vibe as opposed to the 90's grunge look they have always reminded me of. I have been dancing around the idea of grabbing myself a pair and finally decided to cash in my Ebates to do so. (Paying off student loans AND saving up for a house does not allow for random purchases without having additional funds coming in from somewhere...)

SO. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival and have already been planning outfits in my head. Here is one combo that is sure to happen.

Jeans + Stripes + Army green = no-fail outfit 

Green jacket (with fun lace detail!)

Chevron necklace for a fun final touch

A great, comfy, casual, yet put-together look, don't you think? 

These shoes would even look cute with a striped t-shirt dress!

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