Thursday, September 1, 2016

Farmhouse Finds at Target

Farmhouse decor is sweeping the nation! Not sure how it got to be so popular, but I think Mrs. Joanna Gaines from my favorite show Fixer Upper had a little something to do with it. I have been a fan from the beginning and couldn't wait to incorporate some fun "farmhouse" pieces in our new home. 

Target is a great place to find anything, so of course this was one of the first stores I went to on my search for fun farmhouse finds (how's that alliteration for ya ;) Here is what I found and how I used them in my home!

Preserved boxwood topiary

Clover accent (on sale!)

Wood tray (on sale!)

Here are some shots of how I used these fabulous decor items in my home, except for the wood tray which I don't have, but want!

This pitcher can be used in so many ways, other than what it is intended for! I stuck it in the middle of my dining room table and put a fall-ish sprig in it (with cotton bolls) with a burlap runner.

I put a topiary on either side of the fireplace mantle and as you can see, paired it with the clover accent. I added some height and variety with the hardback books. **Frugal find** I perused the Free Bin at 2nd and Charles, snagged a few hardback books and just took the dust cover off to make them look, well, "cooler" for lack of a better word... 

In my kitchen there is a small counter section between the refrigerator and the rest of the cabinets. (In hindsight I should have stepped back to give you the bigger picture). Again, this wire basket could be used for all kinds of things, decorative or practical. I bought this antique kitchen scale in Florida and the vintage cookbooks are my mom's, the fit perfectly in the crate! 

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